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Chalice Concert Fans: Join the Meetup for Great Local Music!

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The UUCC Music Ministry is excited to announce the new Howard County Chamber Music Meetup page! What is it? It’s a website for chamber music fans to learn about local music events and connect. It's free to join, and once you do, you'll never miss a great concert--information and reminders will be delivered right to your inbox. As an added bonus, you can see which of your friends plan to attend the event (and RSVP to let them know you're going too). There are already 61 meetup members, and we’d love to have you join us (and tell your friends!). It’s a great place to find out more about the Chalice Concert series, and we’re planning to include information on other series in the future. Visit us here.

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Reasons not to join the Chalice Choir (and why you should join anyway)

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1. "I can't read music." Non-problem; we'll seat you next to a good reader or two; we have sound-files of all the choral parts to all pieces, thanks to Laurie Coltri's great Choir Website; we can make CD's for you; You Tube is a great resource; there are lots of sectional rehearsals. Even if you can't read music, you'll soon be singing right along.

2. "I can't come every single Thursday evening all year." That's o.k. too: we rehearse from September to mid-May, 7-9 PM, with time off for vacations; missing an occasional rehearsal is o.k.- just sign out for those dates; you'll know the Choir calendar for the whole year before September.

3. "I can't come every Sunday." Another non-issue; we sing just two Sundays a month, September - May, both services. Missing a couple of Sundays is o.k. as long as you sign out ahead of time, or call Tom.

4. "I'm not sure I'm a good enough singer to be in this Choir." Not to worry- we have all kinds of musical backgrounds and voices; as long as you can sing a tune accurately, and match pitches, you'll be fine. We are a low-stress, very supportive bunch, and we understand new-singer jitters.

5. "I hate classical music (or pop music, or jazz, or gospel, or calypso, or...)." We'll work on that with you- we sing all kinds of great music in many styles, and our folks come to love it all, and sing out with gusto.

6. "I don't like to party." Well... (We are a friendly and welcoming community, and love to work and play together).

Please write Tom Benjamin, Minister of Music, for more details and encouragement; free agency and a Maserati for tenors. Come check us out: September 8th, 7:00 pm (but come 20 minutes early to pick up your binder and sign in, and get greetings and hugs).

Do you love music?

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If you do then the One World Coffeehouse needs your help. As we look forward to the expansion of our facility we are also planning an expansion of the size of the events offered by the coffeehouse. If you are interested in helping out the coffeehouse in a variety of positions, from putting up flyers and signs to helping with set up or concessions, we NEED YOU!

For instance, our committee is looking for a small group of people who would be willing to take over our concession operation. This is an important job and it includes free admission to the coffeehouse. The job consists of buying the staples needed for each event (for which you will be reimbursed), tracking supplies, selling concessions, setting up coffee pots etc. before the show and cleaning up after. We also need one person willing to solicit baked good donations from our fellow congregants. If you and your family or friends would like to take on any of these important job please contact Lauren Haywood.

In addition we need congregants' suggestions for musical groups you would like to see at the coffeehouse. Our intention is to present a large, diverse program that reflects our UU values. If you have attended musical events in the area and or tend to follow a favorite group of musicians please get us their contact information and we will try to include them on our future listing.  Contact us at


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The two hymnals that we use every week, purchased many years ago through the generosity of UUCC's members, with matching grants from the UUCC Music Ministry, have been showing their age; about 50 copies of Singing the Living Tradition and even more copies of Singing the Journey were in need of serious repair to the bindings and covers. Becky Bell noticed this, and volunteered to head up two work parties by members of the Chalice Choir to make the needed repairs. Thanks to Becky and her many willing and now expert book repairers all the hymnals are now in great shape, and should last for many more years to come, avoiding the very considerable cost of purchasing replacements. Many, many thanks to Becky, and her crew:

Sherry Peruzzi
Linda Uphoff
Bob Jackson
Laura Solomon
Joyce Warner-Burke
Karla Pearce
Mary Ratcliffe
Terry Paul
Laurie Coltri
Alan Coltri
Bernie Rock
Inge Hyder

UUCC depends on the goodwill, generosity and expertise of its many beloved volunteers, whether in Religious Education, Social Action, Music Ministry, or any of the myriad activities we support.

Heartfelt Thanks!

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