New Adult OWL series possibility – Please rsvp

New Adult OWL series possibility – Please rsvp

The Adult RE Committee is offering Adult OWL this spring!

Have you found yourself stumbling when trying to give honest, age-appropriate answers to questions asked by your children or grandchildren? Do you falter when you try to explain your values around human sexuality? Is sex spiritual? How does sexuality change as we age?

Our Whole Lives (OWL): Sexuality Education for Adults helps you explore sexuality through your values and experiences. Enhance communication skills as you increase your understanding of healthy relationships, sexual diversity, and sexuality throughout the life cycle. It’s the sexuality education opportunity you probably never had growing up.

We would like to offer the series at one of four possible times:

  • Saturday mornings
  • Sunday afternoons
  • Monday evenings
  • Wednesday evenings

And we have two possible options for timing:

  • five 4-hour workshops (weekends only)
  • ten 2-hour workshops (weekends or weeknights)

Please email to let us know that you are interested in the course. Indicate which options, or ALL options works for you. Stay tuned for more information on a start date in March 2018!


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