New Adult RE class: Active Listening

New Adult RE class: Active Listening

This era in our society is marred by severe polarization, tribalism, and demonization.  A common question is this:  “How do I even talk to a person who holds that opinion?  How do I persuade such a person that they’re misguided?”  More broadly, how can we all begin to emerge from our silos and begin reaching across the aisles again?

Active listening is a simple, profoundly powerful tool for engaging with others, learning about what drives their opinions and values, and building bridges across tribalist chasms.  Join Laurie Coltri as we learn how to listen actively.  After a brief introduction, we’ll practice active listening, then explore the power of this technique, including its role in our affirmation and support of the First Principle.

Sunday, January 7, 12:30-2:30 pm

Pre-registration is required, and a questionnaire must be completed prior to class. For more information, email Laurie Coltri.


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