Take Action: Join UUSC’s Outrage at Trump’s Racism

Take Action: Join UUSC’s Outrage at Trump’s Racism

UUSC writes: We are outraged. In a discussion with lawmakers about restoring protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries, President Trump demanded to know why he should accept immigrants from these countries rather than people from places like Norway.

This abhorrent, xenophobic comment is the most recent in a string of not-so-veiled indicators that the white supremacist agenda continues to thrive in the White House and actively seeks to criminalize people on the basis of identity.

Racist ravings have no place in immigration policy. The president’s comment only fuels UUSC’s commitment to work in solidarity with immigrant and refugee communities to open pathways for permanent status, including for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. We will not allow our government to slowly pull our country back toward the regressive and racist U.S. immigration policies of the pre-civil rights era.

Please join us in a swift response on behalf of the rights and dignities of all people by calling on Congress to pass the Dream Act and ensure protections for TPS holders and other immigrants, or by making a donation to UUSC and other organizations holding the line against hatred and bigotry.

For more information about UUSC at UUCC, please contact Jim Caldiero, jimcal87@gmail.com or phone 410-465-7452.
Thank you for your continued support of UUSC as it advances human rights worldwide.


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