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Sanctuary: We've Started Talking

Written by Jim Caldiero on .

UU. It’s not a racial or ethnic slur, but with the mood of this country turning more and more towards hatred, I sometimes feel that if I speak my values, dirty, heartless, disparaging, abusive epithets will rain down upon me. Worse, I might get slugged across the jaw, clubbed with a baseball bat, my garage door spray-painted with ugly words. I long for the safety of a secure place. And then I understand, just a little, how it must feel to be an undocumented immigrant in Donald Trump’s America.

But there is another America, It is an America that respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person even if she doesn’t have a green card, where UU congregations open their doors as sanctuaries, places of safety until the madness subsides. Forty-four UU congregations have already declared themselves to be sanctuaries. In our town, the Columbia Jewish Congregation has also declared itself a sanctuary. Will we open our doors to those most at risk during this humanitarian crisis? We’ll decide at our annual meeting, June 4.

We have begun to talk about it. We’ve contacted our insurance company. We’ve contacted an immigration attorney. We’ve talked with Rabbi Sonya Starr of the Columbia Jewish Congregation. We’ve contacted All Souls UU Church in D.C., a pledged sanctuary. We’ve contacted the UUA. Our OBIC partner, Christ United Methodist Church is talking about it, too.

We’ve got questions. You probably have questions, too. Ask them. Join the conversation. We expect to have several forums and meetings in April and May.

Contact Jim Caldiero at 

Earned Paid Sick Leave Passes House

Written by Jim Caldiero on .

HB1, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act has overwhelmingly passed the House of Delegates with a veto-proof majority. The bill now moves to the Senate. 

Please thank your delegates for voting in favor of the Earned Paid Sick Leave act. They are:

District 12: Delegates Ebersole, Hill and Lam

District 13: Delegates Atterbeary, Pendergrass and Turner

All of the District 9 Republicans voted against the bill.

Contact your State Senators to encourage them to vote in favor of this bill as well. They are:

Sen. Gail Bates (R-9); Sen. Edward Kasemeyer (D-12), Sen. Guy Guzzone (D-13)

Thank you to all who wrote, called, emailed, visited your legislators,

Jim Caldiero

Sanctuary: A Congregational Conversation

Written by Jim Caldiero on .

Jeannette Vizguerra, an undocumented immigrant fearful of separation from her three young children is safe from immigration authorities, living in a makeshift bedroom in the basement of the First Unitarian Society of Denver. Hundreds of cities and towns across America have declared themselves sanctuaries.As our abolitionist forebears fought to end slavery, as the founders of the UU Service Committee saved hundreds of refugees from Nazi terror and more recently as UU congregations in the 1980's became sanctuaries for Central American refugees, today many UU congregations across the country are answering the call of UUA president Rev. Peter Morales to pledge to become sanctuary churches.

During the next several months, UUCC will engage in a conversation to consider joining with The First Unitarian Society of Denver and 43 other UU congregations, including All Souls in D.C., to become a sanctuary church. We will also explore alternatives that will enable us to continue our advocacy and witness for human rights.

We recognize that there are many logistical issues that we need to answer with the assistance of the UUA, UU Service Committee, UU College of Social Justice and our neighbor church in D.C.

Let's talk. If you are interested in helping to organize the congregational conversation, please contact Jim Caldiero, or 410-465-7452.

Thank you.

Blood Drive Thanks

Written by Karen MacFarland on .

If 1 blood donation has the potential to save as many as 3 lives, your efforts on Saturday resulted in saving up to 117 lives. That's 39 units collected, including 3 double reds and 1 plasma.

Pretty sweet!

Many thanks to you all for baking goodies, making reminder calls, staffing the canteen and donating blood. There are patients silently thanking you as well.

The next blood drive is on August 19.

Have you ever wanted to learn martial arts or self defense techniques?

Written by Carlos Peredo on .

A UUCC member will be offering free lessons in Tai Chuan Do Karate. This martial art blends traditional techniques and philosophy with the latest innovations in self defense. All classes are free of charge. All students age 10 and up are welcome, with flexibility for younger students if an adult enrolls with them. Classes will be held on Fridays from 7:00 to 9:00 in the evening in room 150. Our first class will be Friday, March 3rd. For more information, feel free to join us at class or contact Carlos Peredo.

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