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2017 OBIC Memorial Plate Orders

Written by Pat Heidel on .

In 2009, UUCC and Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) worked together to create the beautiful patio, install a memorial plaque, and enhance the gardens at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center. We are currently accepting orders for memorial plates inscribed with the names of your loved ones. We will add the new plates to the granite plaque. June 15th is the deadline for placing orders for this year.

The plates are on the memorial plaque by donation categories: Oak ($1,000); Magnolia ($500); Rose ($250); and Iris ($100). The “Oak” plates are 1.5” x 4.5”, and the others measure 1” x 4.5”.

Memorial Garden brochures with order blanks are available online and in the lobby. To order a plate, return your form and check (made out to “OBIC Memory Garden”) to the OBIC Office, 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia 21045. Deadline: June 15, 2017. Please contact Pat Heidel (410-884-6983) or

To celebrate a special event (for example, a birthday, anniversary, birth of a child), please consider a donation to enhance the Memorial Garden.

Thanks for the January 7 Benefit Concert

Written by Amy Klosterman, TUBA on .

Thank you so much for everything you did to make the UUCC concert on January 7 such a success. The proceeds from the event - $846 - were a huge help for TUBA  (The Uganda Baltimore Alliance). Once we heard what had been raised that night we had the confidence to move ahead with a few necessary supplies - like benches so that our musicians may sit comforably while they play.  We introduced a bucket band into the new music program to teach rhythm and ensemble playing to all new members, but we learned shortly after arriving that our plan for using additional buckets as seats was not going to work over there. Ugandan buckets are not very sturdy! So we now have a great set of benches as well as some additional improvements to the instrument storage room that will help keep the inventory organized and secure.

Thank you for making all of this possible!  On behalf of TUBA, thank you Centennial Brass and everyone at UUCC's Social Action Council! Your generosity has had a big impact on the lives of youth in Uganda.

Sign Declaration of Conscience: UUSC and Refugees

Written by Jim Caldiero on .

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee encourages you to join with other UU's to sign the Declaration of Conscience affirming our commitment to justice, equity and compassion for all those who are now at risk in our country: Muslims, people of color, the LGBTQ community. Join our commitment to continue to resist legislative and judicial assaults on reproductive rights, affordable health care. Sign our commitment to affirm the interdependent web of all existence as we resist the threat to our planet from those who deny climate change.

Sign the Declaration of Conscience.

Visit to learn more about the Service Committee or contact Jim Caldiero.

UUCC to begin recycling coffee grounds

Written by Lauren Haywood on .

Beginning Sunday February 5th. there will be a white bucket placed in the pantry where those who make coffee for coffee hour will be encouraged to deposit all used coffee grounds. These grounds are being collected for use in improving the acid content of the soil in our OBIC gardens. We hope to encourage all members and renters who use our coffee pots to participate in this recycling project.

Thanking you all in advance for your cooperation in this effort.


Write Now! Advocate For Your Values

Written by Jim Caldiero on .

The touching of the forehead, heart, and left and right shoulders is probably the first ritual every young Roman Catholic learns, to make the sign of the cross. It symbolizes the crucifixion and the trinity. But I learned that a cross might be an important symbol for UU’s as well.

Reverend Kathleen McTigue, who is the director of the UU College of Social Justice, a brainchild of former UU Service Committee president, Dr. Charlie Clements, in her keynote address at the annual meeting of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland, on Saturday, January 28, placed her index fingers perpendicular to each other, making a cross. One finger, she said, represented our spiritual lives, and anchored our values. The other, our civic lives. The intersection represented the merger of our values and justice—a call to action. Our faith, our values, now more than ever, now during Maryland’s General Assembly session, call us to seek justice for our neighbors, for the earth by advocating in support for bills under consideration in our state legislature. Visit the UULM-MD website, learn about the bills, and then write or email a brief message to your delegate and senator encouraging them to vote favorably.

Clean Energy Jobs-Renewable Energy Portfolio

Permanent Ban on Fracking

Pre-Trial Justice Reinvestment Act

Earned Sick Leave. Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (HB1/SB230)

Death with Dignity. The End of Life Option Act (HB0370/SB0354). Between worship services on February 5, you will have the opportunity to write a letter to your legislators in the Fellowship Hall. The letters are pre-printed. Just write your address, your legislator’s address and hand write the address on the envelope. (Studies show that hand-addressed envelopes are more likely to be opened quickly. Maybe our elected officials think there’s a check in there!)

Click for more information about UUCC’s Social Justice Advocacy. Or contact Jim Caldiero

Thank you for your continued support of social justice at UUCC.

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