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Thank you, Jenny McAtee

Written by Rev. Kären Rasmussen on .

Hats off to Jenny for her stellar work as a part of the Reflection Group Steering Committee! At the end of each church year, the Reflection Group Facilitators get together to share some of their favorite readings. We all brainstorm and create next year's session plans from this discussion. Ideas are flying, readings are being read and discussion questions are generated. Jenny took all those great ideas and turned them into a package of wonderful, coherent session plans. A tough task she did brilliantly with a shout out to Jen Raffensperger for her help too.

-Rev. Kären Rasmussen

Thank you, Jim Caldiero!

Written by Maureen Harris on .

Jim Caldiero has served UUCC in myriad ways over the years, but two ways warrant special thanks at this time.  He is serving a second additional year (after a full three-year term) on the Owen Brown Interfaith Center Board of Directors in order to provide continuity of leadership during the building expansion.  In addition, he has created an easy-to-use guide to parliamentary procedure for UUCC Presidents to reference at the Annual Meeting and other special congregational meetings.  Thank you Jim!

-Maureen Harris, Executive Director

Thank you, special R.E. volunteers!

Written by Carla Miller on .

Thank you to the special Religious Education volunteers who do not have children in our Children's Ministry.

While all of our wonderful Children's R.E. Teachers are deeply appreciated, one group of R.E. volunteers deserves special recognition. They are the dedicated people who spend some time on Sunday mornings with the children, although they have no children or youth of their own in the R.E. classes. This year these lovely volunteers include: Debbie Matherly, Hope Vasholz, Alice Pham, Betsy Osterman, Mary Rodgers, Jim Gold, Barbara Wright-Scott, and youth members Tristan Young, Brynne McLaughlin, and Alena von Schlag. And this list does not include the many others who volunteer in our youth ministry on Sunday afternoons!

Each of these wonderful teachers brings something uniquely valuable to our children. As a group, they bring safety and comfort in a community of all ages--rare in our children's other environments.

Five years ago, one key concern of our R.E. Council was that all the volunteers were parents of children in the program, creating a clear upstairs/downstairs culture. We now feel a shift in that invisible barrier between upstairs and down, creating greater connectedness for all members of our a multigenerational community. Of course, parent volunteers are still essential and vital volunteers in R.E. You may also see parents involved in social justice, choir, and even attending worship while their children spend time with other adults, too.

We treasure the contribution of the generous and loving volunteers in UUCC' s Children's R.E. Ministry!

-Carla Miller, Director of Religious Education

Thank you, John Shea!

Written by Tom Benjamin on .

It's hard to imagine our Music Ministry at UUCC without John Shea. John, highly gifted as a musician, has become a mainstay of the Choir's tenor section, a frequent vocal soloist, member of the Chalice Singers, leader of the Chalice Messengers, and a composer/arranger of terrific music for the Messengers and for the Choir. Some of his choral works have been published, and are now sung in UU congregations and elsewhere around the country. It's been a great pleasure watching John blossom as a multi-faceted musician and valued member of our musical community.

-Tom Benjamin

Thank you, Anne Gould

Written by Rev. Kären Rasmussen on .

Quietly and so behind the scenes, Anne Gould provides pastoral care to so many. Whether visiting people, calling to check in with our congregants, or paying close attention to the weekly stones of joy and sorrows, Anne is always there. Even when asked to provide some gentle, loving assistance, chances are Anne has already done so. The Karuna Team does so much to help our members in need and Anne is a vital part of that work. Thank you Anne!

-Rev. Kären Rasmussen

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