UU Service Committee: One Year With Trump

UU Service Committee: One Year With Trump

A year and two days ago, we experienced what Mr. Trump called his massively attended inauguration. Since then, for some of us it has been a rough year. But it hasn’t stopped the UU Service Committee. Here are some of UUSC’s activities that were accomplished with your generous support. This year, on Easter Sunday, we will distribute Guest at Your Table boxes to our children and will collect them on Mother’s Day, the Second Sunday in May at which we will also celebrate UUSC’s Justice Sunday when you will have the opportunity to help UUSC continue its work to advance justice and human rights worldwide in 2018.

In 2017, UUSC:

Completed the construction of four additional classrooms for the EcoVillage’s school in Haiti, employing 7 teachers and serving 172 children (pre-K through 6th grade) in 7 classrooms;

Engaged 74 youth participants and 31 young adults through UU College of Social Justice activism trainings in the United States;

Trained 274 indigenous people in Disaster Management, 705 households in planting disaster-resilient crops, and 72 people in Leadership and Networking in order to establish long-term recovery from Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines;

Published Community-Led, Human Rights-Based Solutions to Climate-Forced Displacement – A Guide for Funders, a research report on climate migration specifically for use by foundations, charities, and humanitarian organizations;

Following Hurricane Matthew, provided disaster relief to 1,045 people, including 105 stateless families living in displaced persons camps in Haiti;

Organized a 3-day convening in Croatia of 15 key partners and other NGO’s advancing refugee policies

Joined with the Rural Community Workers Alliance in Missouri to provide labor rights training for 350 immigrant workers in the meat industry and to fight exploitation of immigrant workers in the U.S. meat industry

Joined a panel in submitting a testimony to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, which led the U.N. Human Rights Council to authorize an independent investigation into human rights violations committed in Rakhine State, Burma;

Partnered with FM4 Paso Libre to provide full-day shelter and direct aid to 6,289 migrants traveling through Guadalajara and navigating Mexico’s asylum process.

Collaborated with 15 Alaska Native Tribes to enhance their ability to adapt to a radically changing environment and to help secure basic human rights if they are forced to relocate due to climate change.

Advocated for United Nations investigations and continue to press for U.S. action to help end ongoing ethnic cleansing in Burma and allow the safe return of the Rohingya to their homes.

Convened our partners in Eastern Europe to enhance regional collaboration and support for refugees in the Balkans who are fleeing violence in Syria and elsewhere.

Worked with partners on grassroots advocacy and faith-based trainings designed to dismantle institutionalized prejudice against LGBTQI individuals in countries like Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa.

For more information about the UU Service Committee and ways you can help, contact Jim Caldiero, jimcal87@gmail.com, 410-465-7452. And thank you for your continued support.


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