UUCC Needs a Drummer!

UUCC Needs a Drummer!

UUCC IS STILL LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER! We’d love to find an experienced drummer among the members and friends of UUCC, to play for services at least occasionally, and potentially more often. We have a good drumset (as well as lots of good-quality hand-drums and other percussion instruments), and do lots of music that’s drum-friendly (and want to do more, if we can find a drummer). Please get in touch with Michael Adcock (musicad@uucolumbia.net) or Anthony Jenkins (assistantminister@uucolumbia.net), or, after July 24, Tom Benjamin (musicd@uucolumbia.net).

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  1. Colin Gamble

    I’m not sure how much experience you’re looking for but ive played drums for 4 or 5 years. I’m in high school marching band and can read music.

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