The UUCC Blog Wants YOUR Voice!

The UUCC Blog Wants YOUR Voice!

Do you have a good story about UUCC? About how you found this wonderful place, a fun time you had here with your family, or a moment that touched you profoundly?

Do you have a favorite dish that you always bring to UUCC events?  You know, the one that people are always asking you for the recipe?

Did you have a great time at a recent UUCC event or club meeting?   Even better, do you have pictures?

What makes UUCC your spiritual home?  What would you tell someone who knew nothing about this lively community to encourage them to come and see for themselves?

All of these stories would make a wonderful contribution to UUCC’s congregational blog, Voices of UUCC.  We’re looking for short—that’s right, short—stories that we can post to share with the congregation and the world.  We want folks to know what makes this place great, how people at UUCC think, and yes, what we eat.

If the thought of writing scares you, never fear.  This is not English class.  If you’ve ever told a story on Facebook, you could be a blogger.  If you’ve ever told a story at a party, you could be a blogger.

And now, it’s super easy to submit a contribution to the blog.

We’d love to hear from you, and so would everyone else!  See the Voices blog to see the types of stories that have already been published.  As long as your contribution has to do with UUCC or UUism it could potentially be a published blog post.  So please consider writing for us!  Thank you.

With appreciation,
Laurie Coltri, Chris Gallant and Regina Verow, the Blog Team


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