☀️ RE Summer of Random Acts of Kindness continues through September

☀️ RE Summer of Random Acts of Kindness continues through September

Continuing this Sunday, and through all Sundays in August and September, we invite children Grades K—5 to join us for Random Acts of Kindness.

Each Sunday, during the 10am service time, children will join RE staff members Robin and Kelli to  hear a story, work on plans or a gift, and commit to carrying out at least one Random Act of Kindness during the week. We’ll ask parents to report back to us, and we’ll be placing hearts on the bulletin boards in the office suite to represent our good deeds. And, each time you see someone from UUCC committing an act of kindness, would you write it on a heart and pin it to our board in the UUCC commons area? Let’s see how much delight and wonder we can add to the world over the summer!

We look forward to seeing congregants of all ages, and their wiggles during worship this summer!

Looking for Teachers for August and beyond!

🍎 Click here to sign up to teach in August and September!

What to do if you’d like to participate —

If you’d like to join us please register to participate in Religious Education classes. Please wear masks, and note that our religious education staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated.

New to UUCC or Religious Education classes?

If you would like to learn more about Religious Education for children or adults, or wish to volunteer to support our Religious Education programming, please connect with Robin Slaw: dre@uucolumbia.net.


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