1st Annual Chopped UUCC Edition Results

1st Annual Chopped UUCC Edition Results

We had a wonderful time this past Sunday at our first annual Chopped UUCC edition competition! Seven families competed, with the Nava-Blake family cleaning up, winning both the appetizer AND dessert rounds! Our youngest competitor won for cutest contestant (although our other young competitors were a close second!)

Thanks to the Basehart/Sorensen family, the Bonilla family, the Nava-Blake family, the Cutts family, the Gelwicks family,  the Mercer/Thompson family, and the Nelson family for participating! And many thanks to those who attended to watch and cheer our UUCC families on!

We had so much fun that we’ll be running another competition in the fall, using autumnal mystery foods! Watch here for information.


  1. Gail Thompson

    For future reference, what was in the bag. I missed the “performance” but may try another year.

    • Robin Slaw (Author)

      Hi Gail,
      The mystery ingredients were Old Bay Seasoning, mini cucumbers, and Laughing Cow cheese (doesn’t require refrigeration) for the appetizer (25 minutes allowed for prep/cooking/presentation).
      Dessert mystery ingredients were four crusty French rolls, Nutella, and fresh ginger root (with 25 minutes for prep/presentation).
      Participants were allowed to use any other ingredients they had in their houses. We sent home a list recommending common items like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, etc.


    Oh wow! that was fun! I was extremely nervous before it started, but once the bags were open it was all fun. I want to tip my hat (I don’t get many chances to use that hat) to the other competitors. The creativity on display was awesome!

  3. Becky Reese

    I would love to see an article about what was in the bag, the various entries submitted, and how it went in general. The pictures are nice (though I can’t quite tell what some of them are), but I’m curious about the stories. This would be a great thing to include in a UUCC Newsletter! Great activity and looks like it was a lot of fun for those who participated, and maybe also for observers?

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