Where do our #2 and #5 plastic donations go?

Where do our #2 and #5 plastic donations go?

From UUCC member Gail Holm:

UUCC’s #2 and #5 plastic collections on 2nd and 5th Sundays go to UpCycleda start-up located in western Howard County. There, they process the plastic into things like benches, picnic tables, and raised garden bed liners. The bench in OBIC’s community garden came from UpCycled. When you give #2(HDPE) and #5(PP) plastic to UpCycled, you know it will be made into something useful and not end up in a landfill.

UUCC, with help from Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC), with whom we share building space, has been doing a great job of bringing in plastics. We’ve collected 220 pounds since May 2023.

Besides making people more aware of what happens to their plastics, we could use a little more education about how to identify #2s and #5s and how to prepare the plastic for donation. It hasn’t been a big problem, but we get some things that aren’t #2s or #5s and we occasionally get greasy or dirty items. Some tips:

► Please verify that you’re only contributing #2s and #5s. Many, but not all take-out containers and to-go cups are #5s, but to be sure, you have to look for the small triangle embossed in the plastic, usually at the bottom. Good light helps. (Sometimes I need a magnifying glass.)

► Items you donate should be clean and labels removed, if possible. The item will still be accepted if you can’t get the label off.

UUCC’s climate team is hoping to coordinate with CUMC to develop a stronger connection around climate issues. I’m trying to connect with CUMC member Ann Singleton, who is interested in working together with our team on plastics.

If you’re interested, you can learn more UpCycled here:


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