2020 UUCC Member Awards

2020 UUCC Member Awards

At this year’s Annual Meeting (held on Sunday, June 7, 2020), UUCC’s 2nd Vice President Colette Gelwicks presented our Member Awards for the year! Check out the winners:


Given to a member who might be described as a benevolent taskmaster. Usually identified by rolled-up sleeves and a blur of activity. Gives structure to UUCC, an organism that might be little more than a multifaceted, gyrating mess if it were absent some backbone!

Presented to: Ken Crandell

Generous Soul

Given to a member who regularly seizes opportunities to effect positive change in the world through very tangible charitable efforts. The generous soul is a master of inspiring others to act and marshaling what few resources are at hand and leveraging them to the greatest good.

Presented to:  Margaret Hegmann

Unsung Hero

The unsung hero award is given to a member who works tirelessly in service of others without much fanfare. Often even close acquaintances are surprised to learn what an unsung hero has been up to!

Presented to: Jeri Wiggins

Bright Future

Given with beaming pride to a member whose actions and achievements embody our hopes and dreams for a better world in the years to come. If a bright future is possible, it will be people like you who make it happen.

Presented to: Braidon McLaughlin

Dream Team

The members of this team have accomplished amazing, important things because of their superb ability to work together. They dependably support each other and UUCC while doing good for UUCC and the greater community.

Presented to:  Visual Tech Team (Richard Gates, Jay Paul, Graham Getty, Liam Estell, Chris Horn)


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