Nominating Committee 2021 Slate of Candidates

Nominating Committee 2021 Slate of Candidates

Dr. Jenny Afkinich (2nd Vice President)

A 5-year association with UUCC actively involved in multiple areas such as:  Religious Education teacher for 2nd/3rd Grade, OWL, and Parents as Sexuality Educators; Beloved Conversations; Youngish Adult board game group; Karuna caregiver; Auction committee; and Black Lives Activists of Columbia.    

Jenny is a social worker with experience facilitating groups of diverse populations. She maintains a calm demeanor under pressure and values data driven decision making. She works as a researcher with interest areas that overlap with the values of Unitarian Universalism, particularly the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the importance of justice, equity, and compassion in human relationships. Along with her spouse Kevin Daniels and two young children, Jenny has found a true community at UUCC and is excited for the opportunity to play a bigger role in the congregation. 

Goals: Continue work to become incubator for social and racial justice; facilitate open conversations within the congregation and between congregation and Board; increase communication to congregation about Board events and work; facilitate transparency; be accessible for open conversations. 

Lorien Haavik, she/her (Treasurer)

Lifelong UU, friend of UUCC for 30+ years, and active member for 20+ of those years. Dedicated and committed participant in the UUCC congregation for more than half of her life and planning for many more years to come.

Degrees in philosophy, math, and teaching with a long career in data and finance including reporting of results to management and teams. One-time bookkeeper and newsletter editor for UUCC. When we were gathering in person, you met her with a smile at one of the greeter tables most Sundays.

Goals: Create a more supportive community within the congregation. Encourage conversations between congregants and members of staff and board through multiple avenues: coffee-hour, one-on-one chats, phone calls, Zoom, etc.  Extend UUCC reach beyond our walls to the wider community and make the congregation a collective force for hope and change in the future.

Reginald Nettles, PhD, CGP (At large Board Member)

A friend and member of UUCC since the mid-1990’s, he was drawn to “the inherent worth and dignity of all” as embodied in the principles of Unitarian Universalism. Reggie is a licensed psychologist and certified group psychotherapist and provides individual, couples, and group psychotherapy in his practice. He has also had a career involving senior level administrative experience.  In all of his work, he embodies a sensitivity that embraces multiple identities and diverse perspectives, and respects diverse needs of individuals and their intersections with organizational needs.

Goals: To embody the vision that gave rise to Columbia, MD itself: diverse community that welcomes people of all backgrounds; increase representation of and by people of color, those who identify as LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities; targeted outreach to broader communities; increase visibility of the Board and their interactions with the congregation as board members; document the work of UUCC in the past, currently, and aspirationally.

Liam Estell (Nominating Committee)

 Has attended UUCC since birth [and before!]; member since completing Quest; experience with organizing teens and youth; served on Trust & Reconciliation Committee, active member of YRUU, including in efforts to increase youth and young adult representation in leadership, and active member of UUCC’s tech team.

Goals: Increase representation of youth and young adults within congregational leadership; cultivate UUCC as an organization of a unified diverse community setting an example of good works in the world; increase Board transparency and communication with congregants [for example through Town Hall-style meetings]; institute concrete, visible mechanisms for such listening; increase transparency of the nomination process.

Kevin Daniels, Ph.D. (Nominating Committee)

Has been a friend, then member of the UUCC community for 5+ years.  He is a professor at UMD.  Kevin directs a research group of 10+ members and has participated in numerous search committees at UMD.  He is also a member of IREAP-ROLE, a task force designed to help recognize and dismantle racial injustice within the UMD community. 

Goals: Continue moving UUCC in its current direction; encourage the Board to address conflict on an individual level.

Endowment Board


Endowment Board



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