2023 Virginia State Elections

2023 Virginia State Elections

Virginia has state elections in the odd years, and this year all seats in the General Assembly, 100 seats in the House of Delegates, and 40 seats in the Senate, will be on the ballot. As with many elections in the post-Roe era, reproductive rights will figure significantly in this election. Virginia currently has an anti-choice governor so the outcome of this election will have a huge bearing on the future of women’s freedom to make their own healthcare decisions in Virginia.

Vote Forward has letter writing campaigns to boost turnout in this election, focused on communities in Virginia that are normally underrepresented in the electorate. Vote Forward letters use nonpartisan, values-based language, and have proven to be an effective method of increasing voter turnout. Letter writers also include a short, personal message to the voter.

If you are interested in helping me with this, please send an email to vote@uucolumbia.net and I will be in touch to get you started. Or you can talk to me most Sundays before the worship service or during coffee hour.

Election Day is November 7, and early voting starts September 22 and runs through November 4. Letters can be sent as soon as October 1 and must be sent no later than October 31. This is an easy way to get involved and make a difference!

In community,
UUCC member Ken Rock


  1. Ken Stevens

    I just made out my second round of checks to six legislative candidates in Virginia who are in tossup or closely contests races. Two are Senate candidates and four are Delegate candidates. Various groups seem to be sending money and requesting individuals to do the same right now. Of course, letters to potential voters are also helpful and needed.

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