20th Anniversary Thank Yous

20th Anniversary Thank Yous

Thank you, UUCC! 

I was humbled and delighted by our 20th anniversary celebration on Sunday—both in worship and later with the community gathering at Lake Elkhorn. Thank you so very much for all the expressions of appreciation and affection for our years together. 

There were countless contributors to the festivities—the many volunteer Schleppers of Stuff to the Lake Elkhorn pavilion (and back again!), and everyone who contributed to the tangible gift of words and memories, and probably lots of effort of which I’m completely unaware. Thank you, all 

Some people deserve specific words of thanks. So, thank you … 

To the UUCC StaffValerie, Sara, Michael, Kelli, and Hannah—who were involved in every aspect of planning and coordination, from morning through afternoon, and who made music and took photos and filled in where needed. Your support for me and this ministry, and your attention to UUCC’s needs, are immeasurable gifts.  

To the Sabbatical / Celebration-Planning CommitteeValerie Hsu, Lisa Marini, Kirstin Nelson, John Harris, Jodi Brown, Jill Christianson, and Jen Hayashi—who selected a lovely outdoor venue; and communicated with special guests; and planned a just-right ceremony; and put up helpful, entertaining signage; and provided yummy cakes and snacks; and invited Jenny Bonilla to help craft a thoughtful, personal gift for me. 

To the MusiciansMichael Adcock, Kelli Danaker, Colette Gelwicks, Ross Martin; the Chalice Choir; and the Chalice Rebels—who took care to choose pieces that are special for UUCC and/or me (did you know that Moon River is a real river and that it’s in my (and Johnny Mercer’s!) hometown of Savannah, Georgia?) and who help us get into our bodies whenever they lead us in song.  

To the Tech GuysZach Nelson, Ross Martin, Tim Estell—who keep the tech team organized (Tim!), brought lots of equipment just for the afternoon event, and made it possible for us to hear the in-person speakers and musicians in the pavilion and to receive the video contributions of colleagues from afar. 

To the UUCC speakers—Alex Cauthen-Zach, Regina Verow, Lisa Marini, and Jenny Bonilla—thank you for holding the celebration space for us all, for giving voice to so much of what is most meaningful in our UUCC community, and for crafting such a beautiful congregational gift.  

You all are a treasure, and I’m so glad to be sharing this ministry with you.  



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