50 Things I Love about You

50 Things I Love about You

Last Sunday marked a milestone in my life—the 50th anniversary of my birth! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the sweet tribute in this week’s Rooted & Reaching podcast episode—A Special Message!

For my birthday ten years ago, a friend composed a list of “40 Things to Love about Paige”. In honor of this week’s milestone, I’ve decided to return the gift, to you…

50 Things I Love about UUCC—

  1. your hugs
  2. the proud and delighted grin of a child who has just lit the flaming chalice for the first time
  3. the gardens and patios and grounds at OBIC, lovingly tended by Ann and crew
  4. gender-affirming signage on OBIC bathroom doors
  5. brown bag lunchmaking for food insecure residents of Baltimore
  6. Endowment Fund donors and managers
  7. the Chalice Lights’ rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon
  8. the Tech Team’s patient guidance on Saturdays and dependable performance on Sundays
  9. Molly’s artwork on the wall
  10. you don’t threaten mutiny when you hear the word “god” in worship
  11. Kelli’s playful attention with small humans
  12. you who say yes … enthusiastically, willingly, or begrudgingly
  13. you who say no … thoughtfully, maturely, or begrudgingly
  14. Steph’s artwork on the shelf
  15. the Trust & Reconciliation Committee, who has invested an extraordinary amount of time and love into this congregation’s health & well-being
  16. coffee-making volunteers
  17. singing together on Sundays
  18. volunteers and donors who keep the Little Free Pantry stocked
  19. Michael’s fingers on the keyboard
  20. Chalice Concert Series
  21. your insistence that the new sanctuary must have adequate window views of trees and wildlife
  22. the Chalice Rebels’ rendition of “We Shall Be Known” by MaMuse
  23. Tom’s rubber chicken on auction night
  24. Cradlerock Children’s Center in UUCC space, blessing it with children’s laughter and love
  25. your choice deliberately to use the word Congregation in UUCC’s name, to be more explicitly welcoming of all
  26. Muslim Family Center in UUCC space, blessing it with their prayers
  27. the dessert table at potlucks
  28. Hannah’s creative and heart-full approach to the sometimes-tedious and mundane work of administration
  29. your welcome of multiple faith communities in the physical space that you’ve built and maintained
  30. Sean’s patient explanations about operational things that confound me
  31. UUs Flying Solo
  32. Robin’s stories about raising children
  33. your irreverent senses of humor
  34. your advocacy—at the school board, with PATH, at the County Council, at the MD General Assembly, in your neighborhoods, among each other
  35. the Chalice Choir’s rendition of “Sure on This Shining Night” by Morten Lauridsen
  36. UUCC the Vote
  37. original pieces of music composed by UUCC members
  38. the handcrafted ceramic plates that display multiple religious symbols on the wall of Sanctuary C
  39. the dedicated commitment to a monthly Black Lives Matter vigil
  40. the investment of money, sweat, blood, and tears in OBIC’s building, so that the space can serve more people
  41. PFLAG in UUCC space, knowing it is their safe space
  42. you pay attention enough to offer constructive comments … on worship, on programming, on blog posts
  43. One World Coffeehouse
  44. Sara’s gentle, passionate insight into people and their dynamics
  45. Sunday snack-bringers
  46. Valerie’s collaborative ideas for worship and programming
  47. the lawn crew running the leaf blower on the OBIC property
  48. unsung heroes of the Karuna ministry who offer care in perpetuity, even when they no longer have the official “job” of caregiver
  49. the countless ways that you are my teachers, every day
  50. YOUR HUGS.

I love you, UUCC. Here’s to many more … years and milestones and things to love.



  1. Hannah Nelson

    Thank you, Paige! You are my #1 favorite thing about UUCC. <3
    Hugs being a close second.

  2. John Guy

    Happy Birthday Rev Paige – The entry into your sixth decade now makes you qualified to receive AARP literature. May this be an opportunity to learn the blessings of the second half of life and the delightful zones especially enjoyed by UUCC’s Seasoned Souls. And a great time to grow closer to those who qualify for Seasoned Souls.

    I hope you find the decade of your 50s to be the finest years of your career . I did. Regards John Guy

  3. karla pearce

    Happy birthday, Paige and congratulations on your first half century. I hope the next half is as exciting, challenging and rewarding, and is filled with many more hugs.

  4. Kathy Parker

    Happy Birthday, Paige! Thanks for 50 wonderful reminders of why we all love UUCC. And why we are so grateful for you. Kathy

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