A Letter from Hannah

A Letter from Hannah

Dear UUCC-ers,

I miss seeing all of your lovely faces. Seeing each of you was a large part of my job which made the job fun and exciting.

I have been feeling nostalgic and decided to create a picture of where I wish I could be during the day: in the office chatting with you.  So, I created a Virtual Desk for you all to explore. You can see it below! It is interactive. You can click on anything in the picture and it will give you more information about the particular subject, just as I would if you were to ask me about it in person. For instance: If you click on my pen it will bring you to my most recent In Between Sundays. If you click on the Realm picture it will bring you to our Directory! If you click the little letter, it will bring you to your email so you can email me.

Of course, this does not replace face to face contact. But safety always comes first.

Peruse my desk and hey, if you feel so motivated, create something inspired by where you would like to be. Draw yourself at work (who knew we would miss it?), write a poem about the beach, singing in choir, or maybe a short fantasy story about going to the store and battling dragons!

The image below is a Google slide which you can publish on the internet. Feel free to try to make a virtual room like I did (if you Youtube “Bitmoji Classroom” you will get some pointers) and feel free to share those!

Comment below if you would like to share anything.

Wishing you all the best,



  1. Becky Reese

    Hannah, this is REALLY COOL! I love it!
    How can I bookmark your image so I can access it again easily? (It is easier than navigating the website to get to Realm directory and current services.)

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