A Message from the Group Relations Workshop Facilitators

A Message from the Group Relations Workshop Facilitators

Dear UUCC Congregation,

Over the past two months our team has interviewed and had meaningful conversations with 61 UUCC members. In each conversation we focused on seven questions to get a snapshot of UUCC and how they would like to move together as a community. As promised, each person’s comments are presented anonymously as we share what we heard. 

UUCC Themed Data

We will be planning our Group Relations Workshop on May 21st & 22nd using the themed data that we are sharing with you here. In finalizing the data, we want to confirm that we have collected everything that you would like to share! Please answer this 3 question survey; give us your thoughts as we finalize the workshop agenda!

UUCC Group Relations Feedback From

If you have not already registered for the Group Relations Workshop, please use the link below to register!


Yours in service,
Brian Bloch & Will Tansey


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