A Pastoral Message from Rev. Paige

A Pastoral Message from Rev. Paige

Dear UUCC,

Many members of our community are especially tender today—heartbroken, horrified, and outraged about the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas; about violent anti-abortion images displayed in front of local public schools; about myriad personal challenges, losses, and grief-ridden anniversaries.

I do not have any words that seem useful in this moment—I have tears and rage and a sense of helplessness.

And still, I am determined not to give in to despair.

So, I turn to poets and music and deep breaths and the ritual of candle-lighting.

And I turn to you, UUCC, for all the ways you remind each other and me that we are not alone, that together we will continue to cultivate hope and confront the horror with our loving actions.

And, as always, I am here if you need me.



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