A thank you to Karuna (corrected)

A thank you to Karuna (corrected)

A version of the following presentation was delivered during worship on Sunday, February 11, by Jillian Storms, a member of UUCC’s CORE Team (CORE = Connect with Others and Recognize Engagement). It has been updated to include the most current list of Karuna volunteers: 

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “to-do” or “to make;” indicating an action that is based around compassion and mercy. In short, it implies caring for and nurturing people. One can find the word “Karuna” in Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and many other religions around the globe.  

Keeping the flame of Unitarian Universalism lit is more than just attending Sunday service, coffee hour & social events. As a way to continue living our values among our beloved community, the Karuna Pastoral Care Team reaches out to those in our community who fall upon hard times; they hold the hands of people who just need another person to bear witness to their struggles; they communicate with members who are shut-in; and they support memorial services, often even planning, purchasing, and making the food for the receptions.  

Among its many contributions, Karuna does the often-invisible work to provide support for those who need it. UUCC member Ben Burt shares what Karuna did for him in this short video clip. 

CORE Team members interviewed members of Karuna to ask them about what Karuna means to them. Many of the members spoke of how meaningful their work as a Karuna Caregiver is, to spend time with members of the UUCC community and experience a deeper relationship with them that they might not otherwise experience on Sunday mornings. And to provide a loving and nurturing community for congregants who may not be able to come to UUCC Sundays or events physically. Tom & Carol Benjamin shared: “In our retirement, it’s payback time, and a win/win.”  

Two years ago, one of the founding members of Karuna, Linda Linton, recorded a Rooted & Reaching Podcast with Sara Davidson, where she talked about the history of Karuna. We encourage you to listen to the podcast, when you have a chance, to learn more about the founding of Karuna. We will close this Reflection with a sound clip of Linda reading the Karuna Prayer, which speaks to a lot of what brings people to Karuna’s work.  

But before that plays, we of the CORE team want to express our gratitude to ALL Karuna Pastoral Care committee members. Shortly, I will read the list of current members and invite those here, or on Zoom, who are or were members, to stand or wave, so you can be recognized. 

(Corrected list) Current Karuna team members are: Amy Forno, Anne-Margaret Olsson, Becky Reese, Bernadette Rock, Betsy Osterman, Caela Barry, Candy Wachterman, Carol Benjamin, Chris-Ellyn Johanson, Elizabeth von Schlag, Jenny Afkinich, Karla Pearce, Linda Nedzbala, Phyllis Yigdall, Suzi Gerb, and Tom Benjamin.

We greatly appreciate ALL of the time and energy you have put into supporting our community. Now here is Linda Linton, reading the Karuna Prayer from the March 2022 episode of Rooted & Reaching (the prayer begins at minute marker 7:00).


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