Welcome! If you have questions about what accessibility is like at UUCC on Sunday mornings, go here. Right now this page only has information about our accessibility survey, more information about UUCC’s accessibility is to come at a later date.

accessibility committee’s new survey

UUCC’s Accessibility Committee is faced with the difficult question, “how do we get started on the long, hard work of making our community as accessible as possible for all?” We need your help to search for the answer to this question.

So we created a survey that we would like everyone, whether you consider yourself to be someone with accessibility needs or not, to answer this questionnaire.

The survey can take between 5 to 15 minutes (or longer depending on how in-depth you desire your answers to be). It has many questions organized in such a way that if a particular subject does not apply to you, you can skip past it and only answer the subjects that do apply. The answers are free form to allow you to answer from your experience individually or the experience of those you care for.

All data will be extremely important and it is possible something in the form may cause you to pause and think more intentionally about what “accessibility” and being a “preemptive radically inclusive community” means.

how can i fill out the survey?

The Accessibility Survey is available in a number of different formats to make giving your feedback as accessible as possible for everyone. So that we can begin work on crunching the data and coming up with plans, please fill the form out by March 10th.

💻 Online: you can fill out the survey online by clicking the button below. Our team put together a wonderfully simple and user friendly online form. Filling out the survey this way is the most eco-friendly, time friendly, and anonymous way to tell us your story.

📝 Handwrite: for the next few weeks the Accessibility Committee will be in social hour after service with a few printed versions of our survey. Stop by our table and fill a survey out or take one home and return it the next time you are in the building.

💬 Spoken: If neither of the options above work for you, you are welcome to set up a time with an Accessibility Team member to meet and we can record your answers for you. There will be a sign up sheet at social hour, call the office (410-381-0097), or email the accessibility committee at to set up a time.

contact the accessibility committee

Email the team at

Call the office at 410-381-0097 and if no one answers, leave a message for Hannah Nelson.

Accessibility Committee members: Suzi Gerb, Pamela Henry, Mikayla Kurkjian, Hannah Nelson, Reginald Nettles, Fynn Sorensen, and Lindsay Thompson