Affordable Solar Power for Everyone!

Affordable Solar Power for Everyone!

UUCC has been partnering with Neighborhood Sun to promote the use of local clean energy by helping people sign up for community solar. You will save at least 10% on your electric bill by signing up. At least 60 UUCC families have done this so far. There are local solar farms right here in Maryland for you to join. Spots are limited. When you sign up through our link (www.NeighborhoodSun.Solar/UUCC) Neighborhood Sun will donate $100 to UUCC.

It’s a win-win-win. A win for the environment, a win for your pocketbook, and a win for UUCC.

Now is the time to switch from fossil fuels to alternative, sustainable, renewable energy — like solar power. Climate change, air pollution, the war in Ukraine and the power of Russia (due to its gas and oil resources) are all immediate reasons for each of us to take the small step of lowering our carbon emissions. Switching to solar is so easy and saves you money at the same time.

About Community Solar —

  • You will save 10% of your annual electricity charges
  • Low and moderate income households save 25%
  • No need for solar panels on your home or any upfront costs
  • You can cancel anytime without penalties or fees.
  • Neighborhood Sun has subscribed more than 4000 households so far — at least 60 of them from UUCC!
  • Anyone who pays an electric bill can participate — whether you own your home or rent.
  • OBIC has just signed on with Neighborhood Sun as a commercial customer.

These farms will fill up quickly, so we hope you can join in. You’ll need your electric bill, credit information and if you sign up using our link: NeighborhoodSun.Solar/UUCC. Neighborhood Sun will donate $100 to UUCC.

For more information, please connect with UUCC Member Robin Hessey at or our Neighborhood Sun representative Natalia Franco at (917) 546-9100 — tell her you’re with UUCC.


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