“Among Us” Community Forming at UUCC: Wanna Join Us?

“Among Us” Community Forming at UUCC: Wanna Join Us?

Some of our Middle School students are hoping to form a weekly cohort to play the online game “Among Us“. Staff members Robin and Kelli are looking for people who would like to join a multigenerational cohort to play on a weekly basis. Are you a child, parent, teen, or adult who is intrigued?

You can play for free by downloading an app to your phone or tablet. To be honest, I find the laptop version (which costs $5) to be easier to play.

If you are intrigued by (or have a family member who’d love to join) the idea of a weekly game night to play “Among Us”, would you drop Robin an email to let her know your interest, and what your availability might be? We would create private games for only UUCC people, and gather via zoom to discuss, using breakout rooms if need be.


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