An Overview of UUCC’s Covenant of Right Relations Process

An Overview of UUCC’s Covenant of Right Relations Process

Periodically, we all find ourselves in uncomfortable situations where we face disagreements. It is tempting to get defensive, and possibly try to take a “right-wrong” frame and find reasons to blame the “other” person. Disagreements may actually challenge us to reevaluate what we believe.

We might ask —

  • Is there something that I am missing?
  • Have I been wrong, and caused harm or hurt feelings in the past?
  • Does this make me a ‘bad person’?
  • Is my motive to find truth or to assign blame?

Our mutual challenge is how to remain open and truly communicate in a respectful way, without putting ourselves or others at risk. It is amazing how often that we find that our goals are similar. It is how we choose to accomplish the goals that differ. This provides many opportunities for finding a better way.

For example, we don’t have to give in, to listen. We don’t have to accept blame to apologize for perceived harm. Everyone deserves respect. Those creating harm may not know that they are creating harm. Or they may be acting out of their own pain. Misunderstanding may be creating a perceived conflict.

The (draft) UUCC Covenant of Right Relations (CRR) is intended to be an assist in—but also a commitment to—create a respectful environment in which we can “… struggle together on our spiritual journeys; and challenge each other to live our values.” It also can be an assist for each of us to spread this community-building skill beyond UUCC into our personal lives.

Over the next few months, the Covenant of Right Relations (CRR) Committee will be offering short presentations about the individual commitments that the Covenant calls on us to make. Throughout the spring, UUCC members will have the opportunity to learn about the proposed CRR. The CRR Committee welcomes feedback, including possible editorial or substantive changes.

The CRR will then be brought before the congregation for a vote in the 2023 Annual Meeting in June. That vote will be calling for a commitment, not just our acceptance. A Covenant—in this case, the Covenant of Right Relations—is a promise we make to each other—and to ourselves.

For more information, contact the CRR Committee at, and view the draft CRR here.


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