Animal Advocacy

Animal Advocacy

“Creature Connection” Animal Ministry was founded in 2010 as a chapter of the national-level Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry. Our mission is:

  • To raise awareness and deepen understanding of animal justice and ethical issues, relating these issues to core Unitarian Universalist values – primarily, the interdependence of all life and respect for the worth and dignity of all beings;
  • To create opportunities for dialogue on these issues;
  • To encourage and support each other on this journey;
  • To advocate for and give meaningful voice to the “voiceless”

To further this mission, the ‘Creature Connection’ ministry:

  • facilitates book discussion classes
  • sponsors documentary screenings, discussions and presentations by animal advocacy organizations, congregational forums and workshops on a variety of animal issues and congregational vegetarian/vegan dinners
  • helps plan and participates in “Blessing of the Animals” services, animal-themed sermons and animal awareness education programs for our children and youth
  • organizes visits to animal sanctuaries
  • attends local and national-level animal conferences and animal law symposiums
  • spearheads the planning and organization of an annual congregational animal-themed fair.

Click here to see a thank you from Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary for our monetary donation.

For questions about how you can get involved, please email:


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