Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Save the date: The 2021 Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, June 6, 2021.

2020 Annual Meeting

Every year, the Annual Meeting includes votes on the upcoming fiscal year’s budget and elected leadership positions. At the 2020 Annual Meeting, UUCC voted to approve change to the Endowment Board Charter, and voted to adopt, with an overwhelming majority, on a resolution inspired by the 8th Principle project.

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  • Each year, UUCC staff prepares an Annual Report to look back on what happened over the year. | View Annual Report
  • The proposed Fiscal Year 20-21 Annual Budget was adopted at the Annual Meeting. | View Final Budget
  • Changes to the 2003 Endowment Board Charter were proposed and adopted at the Annual Meeting. | View 2003 Charter | View Adopted Charter
  • We voted on and adopted a resolution about UUCC’s commitment to building a diverse, multicultural, Beloved Community, inspired by the 8th Principle Project. |  View Resolution
  • Each year, UUCC staff prepares the End Monitoring Report, which captures important data and financial information | View Ends Monitoring Data

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