Slate of Candidates 2023

Slate of Candidates 2023

UUCC’s Nominating Committee, established in the Congregational Bylaws (Art. VIII, Sec. 4, p. 5-6), develops slates of persons to serve as members on the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Board, and its own Nominating Committee.

The committee considers who will best fit each role and interviews each candidate before developing the slate. The slates are then considered for election at the Annual Meeting.

The 2023 slate of candidates presented by UUCC’s Nominating Committee include:

  • Board of Trustees
    • Regina Verow, Second Vice-President
    • Meagan Lopes, Secretary
    • Becky Reese, At-Large
    • Pamela Henry, At-Large (2-year position to fill vacancy)
  • Nominating Committee
    • Laurie Alderman
    • Jonathan Ganel-Constant
  • Endowment Board
    • Alan Coltri

Meet the candidates and read their statements below.

Board of Trustees

Regina Verow | 2nd Vice President

My family and I joined UUCC in the early months of 2005 shortly after the birth of our youngest, Teaghan. Over the years, I have served in a number of positions overseeing the spiritual, emotional, and institutional well-being of the congregation throughout the years. For example, I taught religious education for many years, I’ve been an adult O.W.L. facilitator, and I served a three-year term as the Council Chair for the RE Council. I was our interim Religious Education Coordinator and I’ve offered spiritually creative workshops as auction items and as part of the Women’s Retreat. I’m an auctioneer for our auction, and I’ve organized the annual Memorial Day camping trip for several years. Recently, I trained as a V.M.E. facilitator for our Vision, Mission, and Ends workshops. I am a member of the Worship Steering Committee and serve as a Worship Associate on Sunday mornings. Almost four years ago, I worked part-time for the congregation while Hannah was on maternity leave. At that time, I saw a glimpse of what it took to keep the congregation up and running and gained a deeper appreciation for all of our staff, our many, many volunteers, as well as our Board of Trustees. 

I love what UUCC has built both for our congregation and for the tremendous good we put out into the world. I am running for the Board of Trustees so that I can help craft the vision and implement our desire to build a beloved community whose impact ripples out into the world. I want to be part of the Board of Trustees because it gives me the opportunity to amplify my love for each of you in a bigger way by helping us be a larger force for good in the world.

Meagan Lopes | Secretary

My name is Meagan Lopes and I first started attending UUCC 8 years ago when my oldest son was about 6 months old.  My husband and I were in search of a warm, welcoming community within which to raise our family and I was immediately attracted to the congregation.  I am a regular member of the UUCC meditation group and have been for much of my time with UUCC and am often called upon to facilitate.  In addition, I was honored to serve as a one of the facilitators for the recent VME sessions.  As a family, we attend Sunday service regularly.  I would like to be more involved as the congregation moves forward with its new vision and I am excited to serve our community in a greater capacity.  My greatest qualities are my ability to listen with an empathetic ear and to think critically.  I am very dedicated and work hard as a team player.  

I am running for the position of Board Secretary.  My previous secretary experiences have prepared me well for this role.  I served as the secretary on an executive board of a non-profit cooperative preschool during COVID from 2017 through 2020. The work was very challenging, but through hard work and dedication we were able to keep the school open during the most critical times of the pandemic.  I currently serve as the Administration Secretary on the PTA Board of my local elementary school, improving the school experience and providing activities for the families and community.  I welcome the opportunity to serve on the congregation Board. 

Becky Reese | Member at Large

As a member since 1986, I have a deep connection to the people of UUCC.  An atheist since childhood, UUism appealed to me because there was no pressure to believe in God or follow a specified theology. I taught RE for over 25 years and served on numerous UUCC councils and committees.  I led community-building workshops and retreat planning teams.  I want UUCC to thrive as a unified congregation in which the voice of the members plays an influential role and we work together to define and move into the future. I look forward to building on this year’s Values, Mission and Ends process and refining our governance structures. I would also like to see us build a leadership development pipeline. 

I am retired from a 33-year career in the federal government in leadership roles. I hold a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. I also have extensive experience with leading change.  In retirement, I teach systems theory and change leadership and provide leadership coaching to emerging executives. I served for 6 years on the Board of Directors of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA), 2 years of which were in the role of President. I also have served for 20+ years as a trustee for a small charitable foundation. I would like to apply my skills and experience to enliven and grow the UUCC community, in which the program is by, for, and led by the congregation, supported by the minister and staff, and properly governed by the Board. 

Pamela Henry | Member at Large (2-year position to fill vacancy)

I began attending UUCC with long term UUCC member Jill Christianson in 2010. We celebrated our marriage at UUCC in 2012 and I signed the UUCC membership book in the fall of 2018! I have appreciated the variety of in-depth, thoughtful sermons and music delivered each Sunday. I have met and engaged in dialog with people at UUCC with interesting and challenging views. The welcoming environment keeps me coming back each Sunday and attending the rich events provided at UUCC. Over the years, I have volunteered with preschoolers RE during Sunday service, served as facilitator for Courageous Conversations, assisted Vickie Beck with the Chalice Lights, consulted on Negro Spirituals with Michael and Laurie, and presently am a member of the Conflict Management  Ministry/Managing Conflicts Together committee.

I retired in June 2019 with Baltimore County Public Schools after a career of 42 years. My teaching included art and language, and curriculum through spoken and signed language with Preschool/Kindergartner aged Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. I enjoy hobbies such as physical training, swimming, biking, walking, boxing, soul line dance, musical instruments (such as ukulele, piano, guitar), and reading. 

I welcome the opportunity to serve as an At Large member of the UUCC Board of Trustees. The skills I bring for this position include listening, patience, communications, adaptability, empathy, and occasional humor!  I would like to offer my skills and experience to the Board of UUCC.

Nominating Committee

Jonathan Ganel-Constant

My name is Jonathan Ganel-Constant and I joined UUCC when I was 13, just over six years ago. In that time, I completed religious education classes like OWL and Quest, and attended hundreds of services. I am now an active member in YRUU and I am working hard to fundraise for our service trip to West Virginia, which includes organizing and leading multiple odd jobs every week. I also played piano to accompany our children’s choir, and assisted the elementary school religious education classes during services for a few years before Covid. 

Despite almost being through my first year of college, I still love being active in the UUCC community. I know that every year I get further away from the preferred age of the youth groups, which is why I am hoping to get this position as a more adult role in this community. I have seen UUCC change as I grew up, and I want to help it grow into a bigger and better congregation. I am also excited to see the Board of Trustees discussing the possibility of having a youth join them, and I hope to set a good example as a youth joining the Nominating Committee. Thank you for considering me, and I hope to be a great part in UUCC’s positive change.

Laurie Alderman

I welcome the opportunity to submit my name for a position on the slate as a member of your UUCC Nominating Committee. I have been a member here since 2009 and previously at the Fairfax UU Congregation for 15 years. I have served and continue to serve in many roles at UUCC to include board member, Committee on Ministry, UUCC the Vote (lead our yearly Board of Education forums), hospitality committee, UU-UNO (United Nations organization) and chair of Anthony Jenkins internship committee. While each of these volunteer opportunities have been/continue to be fulfilling, my biggest contribution and learning experience was as a member of our Trust and Reconciliation Committee (TRC). Listening deeply to members of our community and creating a document to define our difficulties and submit recommendations for healing taught me how important it is to value each and every member’s ethics, opinions, and ideas for the greater good of UUCC. With a forward-thinking and positive framework, it’s critical to nominate members for leadership roles from a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and points of view. It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I hope to be part of this important process as a member of your nominating committee.

Endowment Board

Alan Coltri

My wife Laurie and I joined UUCC in 2003 shortly before Paige’s installation.  Since that time UUCC has been an important component of my life,  providing community and inspiration.  The vision of the world and its possibilities, which UUCC presents, has kept me growing and learning as I age.  I understand that a community like ours cannot exist unless we put effort into its operations, and over the years I have engaged in a wide variety of congregational activities including:  a term as President of UUCC, many years in the choir, book group leader, Reflection Group Leader, Committee on Ministry member, and mostly recently Tech Team member.  I plan to continue supporting UUCC as best I can.  I am honored to be nominated for the Endowment Board, and am fully supportive of its role in contributing to the long term financial stability of the congregation.