Appreciative Inquiry and the Group Relations Workshop

Appreciative Inquiry and the Group Relations Workshop

In our last GRW post, we said we’d provide more information about what to expect from the May 21/22 Group Relations Workshop (GRW) and “Appreciative Inquiry”.  Since the GRW will be highly interactive, a critical factor in its success will be how many people attend (and participate). We hope this post will encourage you to join us!  

We will be using the “Appreciative Inquiry” (“AI”) process. Our facilitators are designing a workshop aimed at creating strong unity within our diversity, a forward-looking plan and a direction that we all can be inspired by. The “AI” process is designed to be a truly uplifting experience for the participants, while creating an inspiring direction for UUCC.

The Appreciative Inquiry process will lead us through a series of “appreciative” questions in one on one and small group break-outs. The themes from the break-outs will be shared with successively larger groups until the main themes are coalesced and shared with all attendees.  

The questions will lead us through four stages. The first half day will be about Discovery and Envisioning. The second half day will be  Co-Constructing and Innovating. (Also sometimes called Discover, Dream,  Design, and Deploy).  

While we recognize that dedicating two (2) half-days to this is quite a commitment, we believe it is important for the future of UUCC, and will be well worth everyone’s investment.

We plan to open registration next week, so mark your calendars now!  

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact


  1. Ann Wing

    Can you tell us the times of these workshops? I’m hoping they don’t conflict with already scheduled events.

  2. Becky Reese

    Saturday 21 May will be 9am-1pm and Sunday 22 May will be a 5 hour session starting soon after the service, which may be shortened to accommodate the meeting. We have not settled on the actual start time yet for Sunday but it will probably start at 11 or 11:30, and finish by 5pm. We will plan breaks, to include a longer break for food when appropriate.
    The plans are forming up but some details are not yet fully in place. All sessions will be on Zoom.

    Please continue to keep an eye out for additional news regarding Group Relations Workshop committee planning! We hope that as many people as possible will participate!
    (From Becky, just one member of the GRW committee – hoping this info is helpful. More solid info will be coming in the next couple weeks.)

  3. Becky Reese

    Thanks for your note enthusiasm! Our team is excited about the unique opportunity for forward-looking dialog led by the highly skilled external facilitators. They are a pleasure to work with. I expect this event to be a pivotal moment for our community as a whole and I hope everyone who can participates.

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