As We Are Called

As We Are Called

As I write my last In Between Sundays, I’m still thinking about our worship service together on Sunday. It was so meaningful to have Paige, Anthony and I together on the chancel as we reflected on our calls and the calling of UUCC. It was a fine Sunday indeed!

I recently read this poem by a colleague and wanted to share it.  I hope you will answer the call, in whatever form it takes for you. But for now, I wish you a summer full of fun and the chance to refresh yourself for the challenges that life brings us.

Fair winds and following seas my friends. Fair winds and following seas. With love, Kären

We Are Called

In these times, we are called:
Called to step into the mess and murk of life
Called to be strong and vulnerable
Called to console and to challenge
Called to be grounded, and hold lofty ideals
Called to love in the face of hate.
We are called
And it is not easy
And we will not always agree
And we will yell, and scream and cry
And we will laugh and smile and sing.
We are called to be together
There is so much work to do
And we cannot do it alone
We need one another
Holding each other accountable to our covenants,
to the holy, to love and justice.
In these times, we are called.

-Rev. Darrick Jackson (“We Are Called”)


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