UUCC’s Online Auction is here!

UUCC’s Online Auction is here!

Ready, Set, Go!

The 41st Annual UUCC Auction began this past Saturday, January 23, and continues through Saturday, February 6. Participation is free, easy, and all online. Learn all about it in this year’s Auction Guidebook.

The Guidebook provides instructions for getting connected and using our Bid Beacon auction software, a list of items and events available in the auction, and other important information.

We invite you to pay special attention to the Live Auction events. Two more exciting events are selected to go into special 15-minute auction rounds on the evening of Monday, February 2 at 7 & 8 pm (EST). 

Download and read the Guidebook and get online to explore and bid at the auction now!

Need help? You can email our Auction Team at auction@uucolumbia.net.

“See” you at the auction!


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