UUCC Connection Calls this August

UUCC Connection Calls this August

This August, UUCC’s Connection Calls Team is recruiting UUCC congregants to make calls and/or send emails to our UUCC community members. The purpose of the calls is simple — to connect, ask folks how they’re doing and how summer is going, and maybe to invite them to our upcoming Ingathering Service in September, or another UUCC event.

20+ volunteers are needed to make this dream possible, and currently we now have six lovely folks signed-up to make calls along with staff member Sara Davidson.

If you fear the phone, it’s perfectly acceptable and wonderful if you’d prefer to send emails to congregants. The purpose is simply to help build and strengthen new and old connections at UUCC — and hey, maybe you’ll make a new friend!

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy or would like to give a go, or you’d like to learn more or have questions, pull Sara aside on Sunday morning or shoot them an email at sara@uucolumbia.net ASAP; calls begin next week. Thank you!


  1. Becky Reese

    I will need to make calls by Aug. 16 if they are to happen in August, because I will be away after that. I would especially like to contact long-term members who have disengaged recently and newcomers since 2020.
    10 is a lot but I will give it a go.

    • Paula J Linn

      Becky, If there is a way to get this list you speak of I would like to help you contact those who have disengaged. I would like to talk to them about the CMM if that would be appropriate.

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