Posts by Climate Action

Posts by Climate Action

More Meatless Monday Recipes?

We hope you’ve been able to check out some of the recipes in our UUCC Meatless Monday Cookbook (online at You can find more than 30 delicious vegetarian recipes there! Of course, we are always looking for more, tasty vegetarian (and especially vegan!) recipes. So if you missed out on our first call for recipes, or you…

Climate Crisis Team update

The UUCC Climate Crisis team is off to a fast start in 2020.  Five teams have begun new projects (Regenerative Landscape, Plastic, Green Sanctuary, Women & Girls, and Youth) to complement the ones we started last year.  Participation is open to all members and friends of UUCC.  If you would like to know more, please check our website here or email us at…

Climate Forum on January 5

The Climate Forum on January 5 will be shared with the Immigrant Justice team. Tammy Spengler will join Phil Webster in a conversation about the UULM Legislative Agenda for the 2020 Maryland General Assembly. Please join us between services for this timely discussion.

Climate Plastics meeting

UUCC Climate Crisis Plastics Sub-Committee will hold its first meeting on January 5, 2020 at 12:30pm, right after the 2nd service, in the Chapel (upstairs, right behind the UUCC sanctuary). This meeting is open to everyone. Plastic production and proliferation threaten the health of our planet and climate at a global scale. Plastics originate as fossil fuels and emit…

Climate tip of the Week

Make a new year’s resolution now: move your home electricity off of fossil fuels. This will save you money, significantly lower your greenhouse gas emissions and create less pollution. Right now, Neighborhood Sun, UUCC’s energy partner, has only a few spots in its Whitemarsh community solar farm. You can enroll today (as have about 40 other UUCC families). BG&E and…

Climate Tip of the Week

Climate Tip of the Week:  Consider buying Carbon Offsets for yourself and others for the Holiday Season.  They are a very affordable way to reduce your net Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.  You can offset holiday plane travel emissions, buy last minute “stocking stuffers” in $10 increments (see printable gift certificate on our web site), or you can go fully “Carbon…

Climate Tip of the Week

Climate Tip of the Week:  Did you know that 15% of the average American’s carbon footprint is from home electric?  You can reduce that home energy footprint by 90% by switching to solar or wind through BGE.  Switching takes 30 minutes.  Stop by the Climate table at coffee hour if you have questions.

Climate Tip of the Week

Climate Tip of the Week – Beware of Vampires!   Vampire energy is a term that “refers to items plugged into an outlet that draw power even when they aren’t being used.” An average home can rack up “roughly a whole month’s worth of vampire power annually.” What can you do? Shutting down your computer, rather than leaving it in idle mode can cut its energy use by 65%!…
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