Be Gentle with You

Be Gentle with You

It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.  — Brené Brown

Many of us are taking special care to brace ourselves before looking at the news each morning — or upon emerging from meetings or classes or the theatre in which we were unplugged — wondering what new awful things will be reported today, or what new horror has been revealed in the past hour.

Today I had a conversation with someone about our shared hope that history will mark this time as one in which the tide turned and America became unwilling to enable toxic masculinity and victim-blaming and selfishness and greed among our elected leaders. (One can hope, and work for it!)

In the meantime, we must take care not to be completely undone by the gloom of it all.

The relentless barrage of negativity and corruption and misogyny and racism isn’t exactly new this month, but the intensity of its cumulative effects is remarkable, and I’m hearing that a lot of you are feeling those effects in your spirits and psyches and bodies.

Please be gentle with yourself.

Ultimately it won’t serve you, or anyone else, to keep your head completely in the sand. But also, it’s not your responsibility to tend to everyone or everything.

Change the channel, limit the social media, listen to music in addition to news radio.

Eat well, sleep well, give your body the attention it needs.

Do something you love, just for you.

Take Brené Brown’s observation to heart. Exhaustion is a lousy status symbol. Make time for rest and play.

And be gentle with you.


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  1. Lowell Sunderland

    And relentlessly seek factual information., filtering out political posturing and deliberate distraction. It’s difficult to be that tough-minded, true, but if you track facts you’ll be OK. I lived through the 1960s and early 1970s, which were tougher times than we have now; people were being killed, and TV delivered street violence around this nation directly into living rooms all across the rest of this land.

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