Bookstore Happenings

Bookstore Happenings

UUCC bookstore coordinator Lorien Haavik organizing the bookstore in Sanctuary B
The UUCC bookstore will be ✨ open ✨ amidst the Engagement Fair this Sunday, October 9 in Sanctuary B. Look for a selection of books on the reading lists for upcoming and past workshops. And don’t overlook books authored by UUCC members!  Stop by and talk to us about how easy it is to volunteer for the Bookstore Team and welcome our new manager, Lorien Haavik!

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  1. John Guy

    Thank you Eileen McIntire for your devoted attention to feeding the UUCC intellectual curiosity and thirst for faith development for lo these last dozen years. And of course books on paper are still a viable force for educating and informing our community no matter how much the world of digital grows exponentially . And thank you Lorien for stepping into your Mother’s shoes. We are grateful for you ,too . Regards John Guy

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