Calling All Gardeners

Calling All Gardeners

Are you growing tomatoes, cantaloupes, cucumbers, or anything else that might be edible? Do you have some to spare?

The Fruit and Vegetable Pantry really needs your donations.

I put a cabbage, oranges, cantaloupe, freshly picked cherry tomatoes and jalapeño peppers donated from a congregant garden into the pantry yesterday morning. Another congregant came by and dropped off some more freshly picked tomatoes. While I was filling the Little Pantry, a visitor came by inquiring about the use of the pantries. She wanted the usual paper products, soups, cereals, snacks and then I introduced her to the Fruit and Vegetable Pantry. She was so excited to see fresh vegetables. She took almost everything. She expressed appreciation for the donations, stating everything was helpful. I gave her a copy of other resources available in Howard County.

Please share your bounty – thank you!


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