Calling All Hands on Deck For the Ordination of Anthony Jenkins on October 29

Calling All Hands on Deck For the Ordination of Anthony Jenkins on October 29

My people,

We love Anthony. I feel it every time he’s in the same room with us. And he loves us. Referring to us as “family” is genuine. That’s the way he thinks and does and is.

October 29 will be one of the biggest days in his vocational life. He will be ordained as a UU minister. And it wouldn’t happen without us – literally. Ordination, the last step in becoming an official UU reverend, can be granted only by a local congregation.

Anthony chose us. He wanted us to be the ones to make him official.

He already completed the first two of three steps required for entrance into Unitarian Universalist ministry. He earned a graduate degree (Master of Divinity) and then obtained denominational standing by appearing before and being certified by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Technically, the third step has been completed, too. We endorsed Anthony’s call to ministry at our June 4 annual meeting when a motion “to approve ordination of Anthony Jenkins” was passed unanimously by a vote of 164 to 0. Now it’s time to perform the act of ordination and celebrate. October 29 is the big day.

Please stand up for Anthony. This is an all-hands thing. Everyone should be there. If you haven’t RSVP’ed to say you’ll be there, please do via your Paperless Post invitation or at – our reception planners need to be sure to have enough food!

Do as I say…

Unfortunately, I can’t be there. I would if I could, but it’s simply not going to be possible. Never in my life have I wanted to be in two places at once more than on the afternoon of October 29. I am saddened when I think about missing a member of my family becoming a reverend.

Anthony, you amaze and inspire me! Congratulations on your impressive achievements. And thank you for giving us the honor of calling you and witnessing your ordination. Be proud. We are. You earned it, brother.

-Frank Hazzard
UUCC President


  1. Jill Christianson

    Thanks Frank…
    At times, life’s circumstances just don’t allow us to be in 2 places at once – though we wish it’s could work.

    Anthony has been an inspiration to each of us – and it is superb that UUCC is ready to celebrate his ordination and hold him (with family) with care.

    My life, too, does not allow me to be present to celebrate in person. So, I’ll be looking at the stars with warm wishes for the very best future for this new minister!

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