Grades 4/5

Grades 4/5

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Grade 4/5 Taking It Home

The beginning of atonement is the sense of its necessity. — Lord Byron IN SUNDAY’S SESSION. . . The level symbolizes the balance we need to restore when we make a mistake. In this session, there are opportunities to engage in reflection about the meaning of “at-one-ment.” Possible reflections may include the difficulty of acknowledging mistakes and the…

Toolbox of Faith Taking It Home for March 31st

What are you going to do that is important in your life? — Martha Sharp, Unitarian Universalist heroine IN SUNDAY’S SESSION… The flashlight symbolizes the light of truth and the light in each of us. The group considered the nobility, as well as the difficulties, of seeking justice, and…

Grade 4/5 Taking It Home for Feb 10

From caring comes courage. — Lao Tzu Conscience is the root of all true courage. — James Freeman Clarke, nineteenth-century British abolitionist IN SUNDAY’S SESSION… Today’s session in Toolbox of Faith focused on the qualities of courage and conviction in religious life. The session explored how: Unitarian Universalism is a faith that helps us find…