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Ropes! Adventure! Cooperation! Adrenaline!

We are encouraging participation by your students in the Terrapin trip. This is built as a group bonding exercise, and since we have teens who have not met everyone in class, this is a great way to create a cohesive and bonded group. Please try your hardest to enable your students to attend. The Terrapin Adventure trip costs $55 each, and we can offer a pizza option for…

Quest Parent Orientation

We will be holding a Parent Orientation for parents and caregivers of youth in 9th grade who are signed up for (or would like to be signed up for!) this year’s Quest Coming of Age class. This orientation will be Wednesday, September 6 in Room 150 from 7 p.m. until we’re done (the room is reserved until 9 p.m.). We will go over the calendar for the year, and…

Quest Parent Email for April 30, 2017

This is a packed-full-of-information email to all parents. I’m sending the same email to all classes, so please forgive duplications; I have no way to screen out families with children in more than one class. Keep one copy, if you receive multiple copies. The information below includes important RE events to know about over the next few weeks, and resources for the White…