Voices of UUCC (Page 3)

Voices of UUCC (Page 3)

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Voices of UUCC offers reflections from members of the UUCC community. Our congregational blog gives you the chance to hear from each other in-depth, and discuss issues relevant to Unitarian Universalism in general and the congregation in particular.

UUCC members are invited to submit a post for consideration. Click the button link below to email Sara Davidson with a submission.

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View the Voices of UUCC Guidebook, containing the blog’s statement of purposes, differentiation from other UUCC communication processes, and authorship guidelines.

General announcements can be found at The LINK, while events display under Events and on the Calendar.

Mid-week pastoral reflections from our minister and guest bloggers arrive via In Between Sundays, while Good Governance includes posts from UUCC’s Board of Trustees and Executive Team that relate to the business of the congregation.