Voices of UUCC (Page 5)

Voices of UUCC (Page 5)

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Voices of UUCC offers reflections from members of the UUCC community. Our relatively new congregational blog gives you the chance to hear from each other in-depth, and discuss issues relevant to Unitarian Universalism in general and the congregation in particular. More general announcements are available via The LINK. Prominent and recurring events display under Events and on the Calendar. Reflections from our ministers and their guest bloggers arrive via In Between Sundays, while Good Governance includes posts from UUCC’s Board of Trustees and Executive Team that relate to the business of the congregation.

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President’s Memo January 2017

UUCC Board of Trustees President publishes a message to the congregation every month. Here is her message for January, 2017. Each month, when your Board of Trustees, (Frank Hazzard, Jen Hayashi, Patrick von Schlag, John Harris, Jodi Brown, and Katja Fort Rhoden) and your Executive Team (Paige and Maureen) meet, we begin our meetings with a reading, chalice lighting, and a…

A Tale of Two Roosevelts

Like many Unitarian Universalists, I experienced depression and sadness after the most recent presidential election. My eyes would well up with tears as I thought about the fear and hate that have become so prevalent in my country. But then I remembered what one of my heroes once said. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified…

Questioning Authority

When asked what I do in my position as a religious educator, I frequently describe my job as teaching children and youth to Question Authority. That description raises some eyebrows, elicits quizzical looks, occasionally raises gales of laughter. Why on earth would I want to encourage more questioning? Don’t children already ask enough questions? What does it really mean…

Walls and Hedges

My wife and I were listening to the radio program “This American Life” one morning a few weeks before the 2016 presidential election, when one of the interviewees commented “my dad had a wall around our yard when I was a kid — a big wall — that’s what we need in this country.” For me, a childhood memory was triggered. The year was 1959 and I was 8. My family had just…