CB 51 Bill: End HoCo ICE Contract

CB 51 Bill: End HoCo ICE Contract

Great news!

Council Member Liz Walsh, District 1, has filed CB 51, a bill that will end Howard County’s contract with ICE to detain immigrants! You may view the bill here.

UUCC is a member of the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice which has been working to end our contract with ICE.  We need your energy, help, and support to get this bill passed!

Council Members Deb Jung and Christiana Rigby have publicly supported this bill, please contact your County Council representative and thank them for their support or ask them to support CB51 if they have not already done so. We commend our county leaders for lifting up the inherent worth and dignity of all people and for this effort to dismantle institutional racism.  As Unitarians, these are two of our eight principles that govern our faith. We are a faith of action and accountability to embody these principles in ourselves and in our community.

What You Can Do

View the list of actions you can take with instructions on how to contact our government officials, submit written and/or oral testimony, and get a yard sign to alert your neighbors of this very important bill.  If we can get Dr. Jones from District 2 to support this bill, it will be veto-proof.  Please take 5 minutes to help create a more welcoming community that does not participate in institutionalized racism.

You may also view a list of talking points

Thank you for your time and attention to this important effort!


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