CHALICE CHOIR is open to new members!

CHALICE CHOIR is open to new members!

Ever thought of checking out the Choir? This Fall might well be the time. We sing all kinds of beautiful and exciting music- classical, gospel, pop, spirituals, world music, Broadway, jazz- whatever fits a given service. We work hard and party hardy. No choral experience is needed, nor the ability to sight-read music- just a good ear, love of all kinds of music, and the willingness to work at learning it. We offer, in rehearsals and on the Choir website, all sorts of music-learning help. We rehearse Thursday evenings, 7-9 PM, and sing two Sundays a month, at both services; rehearsals start on Sept. 6.

Email Minister of Music Tom Benjamin for more details and encouragement. Check us out- we are a supportive, fun and inspiring community.


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