#ChooseToChallenge Gender Inequity and Climate Change

#ChooseToChallenge Gender Inequity and Climate Change

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Choose to Challenge Climate Change and Gender Inequity

Presentation and Videos

(Choose to Challenge is the 2021 International Women’s Day theme)

If you missed our International Women’s Day Watch Party or would like to view the slides and videos again, you can access the PowerPoint, including links to the videos we watched here:

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The biggest problem facing the world and women in particular, is the Climate Crisis.  Overwhelmingly, women are the ones who suffer most due to the effects of climate change.  That’s reason enough to Choose to Challenge climate change and gender inequity.  But there’s more:  Making sure women and girls have equal opportunities, especially in education, reproductive choice, agriculture and commerce, would significantly reduce greenhouse gases and slow climate change!

Watch the videos and find out why it is so important that we Choose to Challenge the double threat of gender inequity and climate change.


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