Sing for Your Life!

Sing for Your Life!

We thought UUCCers might be interested in an article, “Choral Singing Boosts Mindfulness,” that Sherry Peruzzi​ ​recently shared with us and the Chalice Choir.  We think it is entirely on target.

As the article describes, singing together is, as ​​many studies (and intuition) have shown, one of the most beneficial activities humans can engage in, and one of the most fun. This includes not only choral, but any kind of group singing (and, for that matter, dancing).

Choral singing in particular develops:​​

  • mindfulness (when you sing, you’re in the present);
  • the ability to focus and concentrate; and
  • multiple skills at the same time: listening, watching, reading, and memory;
  • improved health (especially breathing and lung capacity);
  • cultural/historical awareness;
  • an appreciation of the power of individuals working together; and
  • a feeling of belonging and connection, around a common task​

As testimony to these benefits,​ ​ChoirFolk often will say ​after Thursday night rehearsals:

“I came in feeling tired and even discouraged about the world, and now I feel energized and renewed, and even a little optimistic.”

Certainly something to think about as we navigate​ through​ life!

Blessed Be!


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