Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Contact: Robin Hessey & Les Gesell

December 2019 updates:

The Renewable Energy Sub-Team wants you to go solar! UUCC is partnering with Neighborhood Sun ( to help the UUCC congregation and others sign up for Community Solar. This is something almost everyone can do.

You can now save at least 10% on your electric bill (low and mid-income people can save even more- 25%), help to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and help UUCC (we earn $50 for each sign-up).

Many who signed up previously for the Dogwood Site are now just beginning to see their new electric bills from BG&E with their solar credits reflected on them. The Dogwood project is now completely subscribed.

Right now, and for a very short time, folks can still sign up to join the Whitemarsh site. This should be fill up in January, so sign up soon.

It is pretty easy to sign up – you just need one of your electric bills and a credit card. After you’ve filled in the enrollment form, Neighborhood Sun will figure out how much electricity you’ll need and then will send you a contract – so look for something from Neighborhood Sun in a week or two. All you have to do is sign the contract, return it and you’re done!

The process is easier than ever before – you will not need to fill in your social security number. And, if you have any questions at all or hiccups along the way, just contact our Neighborhood Sun representative, Carolyn Ricketts,, or 410-956-0382. Be sure to tell her you are with UUCC!

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