Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

This is the Neighborhood Sun page at UUCC

Contact: Robin Hessey & Jim Johnston

The Action Sub-Team wants you to go solar! Our first project is our new UUCC partnership with Neighborhood Sun ( to help UUCC congregation and others sign up for Community Solar. This is something almost everyone can do. You’ll save at least 5% on your electric bill (low and mid-income people can save even more), help to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and help UUCC (we earn $50 for each sign-up).

Here is a step by step guide to applying for solar energy from Neighborhood Sun. Read thru and follow along. If there is a problem or if you have suggestions with this guide please contact Phil Webster. After you complete these instructions, there is one more step you’ll need to do shortly. After Neighborhood Sun has figured out how much electricity you’ll need, they will send you a contract – so look for something from Neighborhood Sun in a week or two. All you have to do is sign the contract, return it and you’re done!

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