Climate Change – Awareness Team

Climate Change – Awareness Team

Awareness Team

Educate the members, friends, and youth about the complex issues of climate change and to provide opportunities for individuals, groups and the whole congregation to learn about ways to mitigate climate change in their homes, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods.


The Awareness Team is looking into doing an online survey to determine what aspects of climate change are of most concern to our congregation.  Coordinating with other teams, they will use information from this survey and coffee hour surveys to focus on relevant topics for awareness actions and events such as study groups, movies, and forums. The team will also submit short articles about climate change and practices that can help reverse climate change to The Link, the UUCC Facebook page, and the UUCC website. Initially the team will direct their efforts to the topic of food consumption because this is an area in which individuals can easily act to make a difference.

Contact: Gail Holm

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