Climate Change – Action Team – 10 Things

Climate Change – Action Team – 10 Things

Simple Things You can do Today


  1.  Advocate for pro-climate and clean energy legislation at the county, state and national levels and support and vote for candidates who are advocates for pro-climate legislation.
  2. Switch your home electric energy source to renewable, such as wind or solar.  Click here for more information.
  3.  Reduce your transportation footprint by driving less and/or using a more fuel-efficient car.
  4.  Reduce food waste.
  5.  Reduce (or eliminate) your consumption of meat (especially beef & lamb).
  6.  Plant and maintain trees and native plants.
  7.  Do an Energy Audit for your home, and fix the worst energy wasters.
  8.  Reduce airplane travel.
  9.  Buy fewer consumer goods and services and redirect some of the money you save to pro-climate products, NGOs, charities, businesses, and politicians.
  10.  Buy carbon offsets to reduce your net carbon footprint to the world target of 2T.

For details and background information footnotes on the Top 10, click here.

Click here for a checklist of things you can do to positively impact climate change.

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