Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Renewable Energy Options

Home Energy is typically the single largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for households, typically between 2T (tons) and 8T (tons). Switching to renewable energy is #1 opportunity per the EPA, and the #2 opportunity worldwide per Drawdown (after refrigeration).

There are multiple green energy sources (mostly solar and wind) available for local BGE (and other utility) customers. These renewable sources can reduce your electricity carbon footprint by 80% to 90%! (see footnote below)

Installing solar panels may also be an option, but for many people it is not practical. An alternative is to use “community solar.”

What You Can Do Now

UUCC is partnering with the community solar company Neighborhood Sun Multiple other wind and solar suppliers with green options are also available via BGE, including Clean Choice, Green Mountain and WGL.

BGE and other utilities allow you to specify the source of generation of your electricity.  BGE remains your supplier and maintains the electric lines to your home.

Please take 30 minutes to decrease your household’s electricity carbon footprint by up to 90%. You can log on to your BGE account here.  For questions or assistance, contact Robin Hessey at You’ll need your BGE Account number and the current generation supplier IDs listed on your bill.

The amount of GHG (in kg) produced per kWh from generating electricity depends on the fuel used:  coal = 909, oil = 821, natural gas = 465; solar = 105; wind = 13; nuclear = 6; hydro = 4.  BGE’s average is currently about 400kg/kw.

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