Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Climate Change – Action Team Neighborhood Sun

Go Solar

Space is now opening up at Neighborhood Sun’s new solar farm in West Friendship, Maryland, and you can be part of it.  Please use this URL to sign up.  UUCC is partnering with the community solar company Neighborhood Sun.

  • You will save 10% off of your BG&E rate
  • You will be getting your power locally and not from fracked coal or gas
  • No need for solar panels on your home or any upfront costs
  • You can cancel or transfer your contract.
  • Neighborhood Sun has subscribed more than 4000 households so far – at least 60 of them from UUCC
  • Anyone who pays an electric bill can participate – whether you own your home or rent.
  • OBIC has just signed on with Neighborhood Sun as a commercial customer.

Act Quickly!

This farm will fill up quickly, so we hope you can join in. You’ll need your electric bill, credit information and this URL UUCC will get credit and a $50 donation from Neighborhood Sun.


You save money, UUCC earns money, we support local jobs and energy, you get off of dirty fossil fuels and encourage the expansion of clean solar energy.

Additionally-  Multiple other wind and solar suppliers with green options are also available via BGE, including Clean Choice, Green Mountain and WGL. BGE and other utilities allow you to specify the source of generation of your electricity.  BGE remains your supplier and maintains the electric lines to your home.

Please take a few minutes to decrease your household’s electricity carbon footprint by up to 90%. Begin by clicking here. For questions or assistance, contact Robin Hessey at You’ll need your BGE Account number and the current generation supplier IDs listed on your bill.

The amount of GHG (in kg) produced per kWh from generating electricity depends on the fuel used:  coal = 909, oil = 821, natural gas = 465; solar = 105; wind = 13; nuclear = 6; hydro = 4.  BGE’s average is currently about 400kg/kw.

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